and fasteners

Nuts for Fasteners

They have several applications in conjunction with French screws, hexagonal screws, rod and threaded bars, or in any other type of fastener, as long as the thread and resistance are compatible.

Technical Information

Metric standards: DIN 934/ISO 4032, DIN 935/ISO 7035, DIN 936/ISO 4035, DIN 980/ISO 7042, DIN 982/ISO 7040, DIN 985/ISO 10511, DIN 6923/ISO 4161, DIN 928 , DIN 929. Mechanical properties as per ISO 898-2 Class 6, 8, 10 in carbon steel or stainless steel A2-70, A4-70, A2-50, A4-50 as per ISO 3506-2. Non-ferrous materials as per ISO 8839.