and fasteners

Retaining Ring and Elastic Pin

An elastic retaining ring is a part made of spring steel, used to fasten other parts, capable of transferring heavy axial loads from the element to be fixed to the groove walls. Also known as a lock ring, safety ring or snap ring, the snap ring is usually located at the ends of a round shaft, in order to assist in locking the shaft components. Elastic pin is included.

Technical Information

Elastic ring for DIN 471 shaft and for DIN 472 hole. ISO 8751 light load spiral elastic pins, ISO 8750 standard load and ISO 8748 heavy load, ASME B18.8.3M and ASME B18.8.2 spring pin. Spring pin for heavy duty DIN 1481/ISO 8752 and light duty DIN 7346/ISO 13337.