Inserts for Machining

The purpose of this type of parting tooling is to provide an insert with multiple cutting edges. When an edge is worn, the insert is indexed into another position in the toolholder until all cutting edges are worn out. After use, the correct disposal is done. Inserts in Cermet, Cemented Carbides, Ceramics, CBN or polycrystalline diamonds, CVD or PVD coatings and A,B,C,H,L formats, with or without chipbreaker, among other features to provide a good machining operation.

Technical Information

Tools for Turning, Milling, Drilling, Threading, Reaming, Broaching, Sawing, Planing. Inserts in turning inserts: CCMT, CNMG, CNMM, CNMP, DCMT, DNMG, KNUX, RCMT, SNMG, TCMT, TNMG, TNMP, VBMT, VCMT, WNMG. Insert in milling inserts: ADLX, APKT, APLX, ODMT, ODMW, OFER, OFMT, RDMT, SDKT, SEKN, SEKR, SEKT, SPKN, SPKR, SPUN, TPKN, TPKR, TPUN, WCMX. End Mills, Solid Mills, Miter Mills