Industrial and Agricultural Belts

The belts are used for power transmission, with models available for different situations in the industrial, automotive and agricultural sectors. The belts have patterns with unique characteristics for each situation. Double V-belts or hex belts are used when power transmission on both sides of the belt is required. Belts are available in AA, BB, CC and DD cross sections and run on standard classic pulleys. They are specified by cross section and nominal length.

Technical Information

Standards: ISO 4183, ISO 4184, ISO 5289, ISO 5290, ISO 5291, DIN 2215, DIN 7722, RMA IP -21, RMA IP-22, RMA IP-23. Classic profile belts: A, B, C, D and E. Narrow profile belts: Y, Z, A, 3V/9N/9J, 5V/15N/15J, 8V/25N/25J. Fractional belts: 3L, 4L, 5L. Double V (hexagonal) belts: HAA, HBB, HCC, HDD. Enveloped or molded toothed belt options and twin belt options.